#FarEmpathy Lego Serious Play

The method to transform your business from a place you have to go to a place you want to go.

Simona Villa, Lego Serious Play facilitator

Embarking on an important path of renewal without an accurate analysis, is equivalent to embarking on a journey without knowing its destination.

Analysis through the Lego Serious Play method

It is the starting point to allow you to face the renovation process of your Pharmacy with the right awareness, helping you to define your business strategy, and to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

How many times has it happened to you that you cannot find a satisfactory solution to a problem?

It might be enough to sit on a lawn instead of in a meeting room around a table, or talk to customers instead of just between colleagues; strategies that those involved in organization and problem solving propose and encourage.

Among the new "problem solving" methodologies, the Lego Serious Play analysis system is the one that best meets your needs: but how does it work?

We all know Legos, they are games, perhaps the most famous in the world, with which models are built; in this case the game with Lego becomes serious because the word "serious" recalls the working environment rather than the word "game" .... in fact, what is more serious than the game?

Lego Serious Play is based on a beautiful theory that has to do with "constructivism"; in practice we learn on the basis of a creative process of construction (or rather the act of building), on the basis of practical experiences.


For this reason, the motto of Lego Serious Play is "think with your hands"

Photo workshop Lego Serious Play: "thinking with your hands"

The use of Lego bricks, the emblem of construction, helps us find solutions

otherwise not reachable by our usual way of dealing with problems, and to physically represent them in a model that is shared with all the others in the group (another wonderful aspect of this methodology is precisely that it facilitates sharing and dialogue between the participants in the "game ").

The Lego Serious Play methodology is applied in any work environment to find solutions to complicated problems.

Some possible examples in the pharmacy: how to make the work team in the pharmacy work well and have the maximum collaboration of everyone? how to improve the commercial performance of the pharmacy? How to better communicate the services of the pharmacy? What services to implement in the pharmacy?


The Lego Serious Play workshop

takes place involving the owner of the pharmacy and his collaborators, who under the supervision of the Lego Serious Play facilitator, are led through the phases of the methodology, thus guaranteeing all the fundamental steps of this path.

At the center of the Lego Serious Play workshop is the theme of how to transform your pharmacy in an effective, performing and responsive way to your expectations and those of your customers.


The role of the Lego certified facilitator

ends with the production of a operational work plan that will be preparatory in all stages of strategic planning of your business.


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