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We are not alone in our commercial space. The success of an opening day is given by the number of people who have chosen to enter and then buy.

In the rapid pace of the last 60 years, trade has hastily passed from the shop, an anthropological space par excellence, to what Marc Augé he defined non-place, an abstraction authoritatively represented by shopping centers.

In the middle, the concept of identity, history and relationship has been lost. Returning to our successful working day, it goes without saying that this latter aspect becomes central.

The narration of a commercial space is given not only by people, but by the totality of the environment, where a shop assistant and a shelf are democratically equally likely to capture the attention of a visitor.

This is the reason why we should ask our spaces to evolve along with our communication style.

An idea devised by the narrative strategists was to shift the focus from the concept of possession to that of service.

Why go into debt by paying in full for the equipment of a space that in a few years will be viewed with distrust by my visitors-guests-customers?

It is worth asking whether it is necessary to be tied to a desk for years for years, paying more than its value, and then questioning what its disposal entails, when instead it could be regenerated. Long live the desks!

The translation of this apparently complex idea takes shape in the operative rental, a tool that allows to insert the raw material in a broader idea of customer service.

Finance experts today agree that this is the simplest way to buy an asset, starting to use it instantly, paying for it over time, deciding only at the end of the contract what to do with it in the future, exploiting the relationship with the supplier of the good itself and inserting a whole world of services within a single fee.

The rental, therefore, represents the most functional solution to keep the exhibition space constantly in contact with customers and their needs, willing to change, ready to create a successful relationship.

Ask your furnishings… ??

Download the simulator to calculate the value of the installment more sustainable for you and discover all the tax advantages of the Operational Rental Formula

Comparing the pros and cons between Operative Rental and Leasing


No advance to pay1Advance to be paid at least 10%
Fixed installment without additional costs2Variable installment
Insurance included, all inclusive3Insurance policy charged to the customer
Asset not subject to depreciation4Asset subject to depreciation
Fully and immediately downloadable fee for IRAP and IRES purposes (VAT included) 5The interest portion is not deductible for IRAP and IRES purposes
Possibility of financing services and ancillary costs6Services and ancillary costs that cannot be financed
It is not considered in the asset value
of the company
7Meets equity criteria (companies are obliged to register assets in the balance sheet and report to databases)
Contract for the use of an asset8Financing agreement for an asset
Resolution of the paperwork within 48 hours of the request9Resolution of the file in 20 days from the request
Simplicity of the required documentation10Complexity in collecting the required documents
Intesa Sanpaolo Forvalue

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