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We are in the era in which, through graphic communication, we can no longer limit ourselves only to the use of the name, the pharmaceutical cross or the caduceus. We are in the era in which it is essential to communicate through the corporate identity, your values, your passion , your professionalism.

Erika Cenedese, Graphic Designer

“Empathy through the eyes” this is the path that we want to take with you to relate your customer with the space, facilitating a dialogue between the products / services that you propose in it and the users of the space.

From the department signs, to the study of the logo, to the packaging, to the advertising flyers, to the promotional / informative videos, up to the integrated communication, everything must empathically communicate an attention to detail and the quality of your service.

It must make the use of your space simple and intuitive, while also facilitating the purchase process within your business.

Graphic communication project example:

A formidable empathic approach where the needs of your customers and their expectations are at the center of your project and represent the real focal point on which to develop your identity.

Visual communication with its tools, from the most basic ones, such as the correct definition of the logo, to the colors, to the product signage, will help the definition of your image, giving back a value of uniqueness, just as your personality is unique.

The communicative graphics also have the purpose of conveying coherently what we will define tone of voice in its various conjugations: professional, ironic, technical, colloquial, warm, informal ...

Having defined which one is more in line with the personality of your pharmacy, it will have to be declined through graphics in all the communication present in the space. Choice of font, copy, colors, everything contributes in a homogeneous way to underline your value proposition.      


Our design logic, makes use of the powerful tool of empathy, seeks communicative coherence, which starting from the study of the exhibition space, involves every element of the Pharmacy Brand, including communicative graphics.

Since each pharmacy is the bearer of unique values, it is important that these qualities are highlighted in the communication.

The coordinated image contains and brings to the attention of the products, the organization, the values, the services, tells who you are, in short, your identity.




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  1. Brava Ery, you see that you like what you do, and this is a great advantage, and not just for you.

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