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Little ones Hotel

To design a little more Hotel to do with the heart than with the mind.

It's about knowing how to tell scenarios domestic and family members, where is it welcome and empathy represent the distinctive elements of an impeccable service, which together with the incredible landscape and cultural beauties of our country, make the tourism sector, one of the most important Italian excellences.

There our mission is design and manufacture furniture for small hotels, creating spaces that, in addition to telling our beautiful country, are attractive, comfortable, and functional.

Where it is nice to be, and where the memory entice you to come back.

Empathy at the center of space

Empathy in design has the ultimate goal of creating spaces and services capable of sustaining competitiveness, ensuring an economic return.

Who are we planning for? How does your client move within the space? Because?

These are the questions to which a quality project must give answers.

Clou architects and designers, free from the use of serial furnishing systems, design starting from a detailed analysis necessary to sew your “made-to-measure suit” around your needs.

our passion and professionalism a support of your project.

Projects special

DigEducati Corner Project for Foundation of the Bergamasca Community Onlus.


We renew the value of neighborhood shops by offering you products and services to support the success of your business.

our passion and professionalism to support your project.

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