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"DigEducati" Corner Project

for the Foundation of the Bergamasca Community Onlus

Where did we start ...

  • Think of a space with a precise and recognizable personality, capable of attract and communicate to a demanding and disenchanted target: children and pre-adolescents;
  • A space where you can meet, and where you want to go to learn new things;
  • At the same time, a space where you can freely express choices, a space without conditions, capable of making learning a playful and social moment;
  • A space where there is no front or rear, a stage and an audience, a chair and a classroom, where there is no static and hierarchical positioning;
  • A tailor-made space for wishes of his young audience.

A far from simple objective, to solve it we were inspired by the architecture of the past, discovering that already in the fifth century BC they had identified the solution to our design purposes.

So thinking about this space was “simple”, it was enough to look at the past to imagine a new e contemporary agora, where children and preteens meet for learning while having fun, and socializing they share ideas and knowledge.

What inspired us ...

Ideas become shapes and colors ...

The project, fruit of these inspirations, is also nourished by the purpose that the Foundation pursues: "To put in place a virtuous territorial synergy, essential to win the educational challenge which, never as today, becomes a priority for all of us."

The choice of geometric shapes such as the sphere (Pacman) and the circle, present in the font of the logo and in the plan of the space, propose the theme of centrality that revolves around this ambitious project, and at the same time evokes the community, the inclusion, the support it envelops.

The carpet ad hoc designed, like all other elements, it occupies one space of 13.7 square meters and defines the boundary of the DigEducati corner.

The seating in a semicircle are designed to offer different possibilities of use, leaving the choice of most comfortable / preferred position.

The central totem proposes in the upper part the symbol of the project (Pacman) which, from the height of its 270cm, renders the corner can be identified remotely. In the lower part they rotate and find their position "Tools of knowledge" (pc-tablet), which enclosed within 12 metal boxes are made available to very young customers. 

All the elements of this project are designed and made to measure. Particular attention was paid to the choice of natural, that comply with the regulations in force regarding fire prevention. (all the technical specifications of the materials are listed in the economic offer)

Finally, this project aims to communicate the concrete commitment that the Fondazione Della Comunità Bergamasca promises: "Bridging the digital divide that too many children and preteens still live and that has dramatically emerged in this difficult pandemic".

Thank you for your attention and the opportunity to contribute to the success of your initiative.

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