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Welcome to our blog dedicated to pharmacy furnishings!

In our blog you can find out everything you need to know about design trends for pharmacies, on the most suitable materials for furnishings and on how to make the most of the space.

We hope this blog will be a useful resource for you and we invite you to leave a comment to share your ideas and suggestions.

We are always open to new ideas and ways to improve our service.

Claudio Manfredi

Today we don't hear about anything else, we want nothing more than “to go back to what we were before”. We must seize the opportunity today to be better tomorrow both as People and as Ready Professionals ...

Erika Cenedese

Empathy, especially this year, has been talked about "in all ways, in all places, in all lakes" a bit like Marco Carta sang, even in the pharmacy sector, I don't know ...

Giulia Sbarra

Empathy in the web and digital world. Our #FarEmpathy project extends all-round to the world of pharmacies, including not only physical but also digital space. In fact, …

Michele Delsignore

The importance of deepening the mechanisms of empathy. According to the classic definition, empathy is the ability to fully understand the state of mind of others, whether it is joy or pain. The meaning …

Erika Cenedese

We are in the era in which, through graphic communication, we can no longer limit ourselves only to the use of the name, the pharmaceutical cross or the caduceus, we are in the era in which it is essential to communicate ...

Beppe Colombo

I have always felt more or less the same recommendations: "look architect, I have to spend little, I have a small budget, I can't keep the business closed, but I want ...

Eleonora Pozzi

Empathy at the center of space. Designing a space means creating a new place from nothing, "throwing forward" something that did not exist. And precisely because it did not exist when it begins to ...

Michele Torella

We are not alone in our commercial space. The success of an opening day is given by the number of people who have chosen to enter and then buy. In …

Pierangelo Spimpolo | GM Clou

This summer my partner organized a trip to Favara for me; when he told me about it I didn't even know where exactly it was. On July 25th we arrive at Catania airport, ...

Simona Villa

The way to transform your business from a place you need to go to a place you want to go. Undertaking an important path of renewal without careful analysis, is equivalent ...

Pierangelo Spimpolo | GM Clou

I recently became aware of the existence of a worldwide movement, which organizes events where we meet to discuss a topic very dear to us entrepreneurs ... THE BANKRUPTCY?? Asked ...

Pierangelo Spimpolo | GM Clou

I want to share with you my "life experience" which if nothing else confirms a theory that I believe we all know but that at times we tend to forget or underestimate. Some …

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