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Consulting booths

Cabinets for consultation

We enhance your pharmacy: the consultancy booth, a step forward towards a service pharmacy

In an ever-changing world, the Pharmacy it is much more than just a point of purchase of medicines; has become one reference space for health and well-being.

To further enhance services and offer a more complete and qualified experience, the introduction of areas dedicated to consultancy becomes distinctive and qualifying element for your pharmacy.

Consequently, your role as a pharmacist will also have to change, from a role centered on the dispensing of medicines to health professional involved in the overall management of patients' well-being.

Your expertise is now essential to deliver high quality care, personalized and prevention-oriented.

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In this interesting survey carried out by Ipsos, entitled "The pharmacist and pharmacy in continuous evolution in the world of health - July 2023", you will be able to notice how the pharmacy world is gradually moving towards the choice of Consulting and Service spaces, becoming increasingly plus a health care unit in the area.

Survey carried out by Ipsos, entitled "The pharmacist and pharmacy in constant evolution in the world of health - July 2023".

Why consider the Consulting Room as an added value for your Pharmacy?

Each individual is unique and needs can be varied and disparate. The Consulting Room offers a quiet and dedicated space to be able to delve deeper and examine any type of problem in detail.

It also allows you to establish a closer and more personalized relationship with your clients, making the consultancy unique and exclusive.

Clou can create your consultancy booth with precision and professionalism, how?

1. Customized design

Clou is committed to designing your Consulting Room in a personalized way, taking into account the size of the available space and your specific needs. Our attention to detail ensures a welcoming and functional environment, optimized to offer consultancy services in a highly professional environment.

2. Quality furnishings

Thanks to our experience in pharmacy furnishings, Clou guarantees high quality furnishings for your Consultation Room. From the choice of materials to the care of the design, we make sure that every element is designed to create a professional and comfortable environment.

3. Assistance during Assembly

Clou does not limit itself to the design and supply of furnishings, but also provides assistance during all assembly phases. Our team of expert fitters takes care of installing each component of the Consulting Room efficiently and precisely, guaranteeing an impeccable final result.


  • Privacy: Offer a confidential environment for personal consultations.
  • Expansion of services: Allow the provision of additional services and more in-depth consultations.
  • Customer experience: Improve your customer experience by offering a more dedicated and professional environment.
  • Differentiate yourself: To stand out from the competition and improve the image of the pharmacy.
  • Enhancement of the offer: By offering unique services, the pharmacy can attract new customers.
  • Increase in sales: Through more detailed consultations and personalized suggestions.

Respect the current ASL regulations which vary from Municipality to Municipality in order to comply with hygiene and safety standards to guarantee a safe and comfortable environment for patients and staff. Relying on a specific company in the pharmacy furnishing sector is the best and safest solution.

Simply send us your floor plan and you will be contacted by one of our consultants to begin to understand your situation and mitigate any doubts you may have.

Discover the value of our work with a tailor-made analysis, project and estimate

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