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70 years' of experience
in the interior design sector

Our deep, historical roots in Brianza, with over 70 years' experience in designing and manufacturing furniture for professional spaces, allowed us to acquire unique skills, creating tailor-made solutions to meet specific requirements in the pharmacy furnishings industry.

We are proud to be part of an ecosystem of small manufacturing companies, who have gained international recognition for their excellence, all Made in Italy.

Brianza is an incredible place! It is an ecosystem mainly formed by small manufacturing enterprises which, in over two hundred years of history, generation to generation of artisan entrepreneurs, focused their manufacturing capacity in the furniture and design sector, recognized and appreciated all over the world.

Even today, after many years of working in this area, I find incredible and excellent skills concentrated in this small district, all Made in Italy.

Brianza is an incredible place ...


At the beginning of the 1950s, in Bovisio Masciago, Brianza, my father and his two brothers started the business in a small craft shop, which specialized in the production of custom-made furniture.



Having taken over the first generation, my cousin and I, maintaining an artisanal dimension, started collaborating with architects and designers.Working in close contact with other creatives has increased my passion for the world of design, and further developed my understanding of the importance of detail. The daily confrontation with these demanding clients enriches our experience in the creation of quality custom-made furniture, advancing our skills in processing various materials, finishes and shapes. In the years that follow, there were four patents deposited of innovative modular systems, designed to furnish commercial spaces.



The years in which the meeting with an important fashion brand generates yet another business evolution. Starting a path of specialization in the retail furniture sector for fashion shops. This important experience will allow us, over the years, to collaborate with important brands in the fashion industry and to create stores in Italy and abroad.
Since then there have been hundreds of boutiques, flagship stores, corner shops, shop in shops and outlets installed, all over the world. Driven by the needs of our customers, a technical office is set up for project management, and a design office to design the concept stores..



In the early 2000s yet another change takes place. The Clou team is enriched with expert technicians from the pharmacy furnishings sector: architects, designers, product technicians, graphic designers, project leaders, who all add specific skills to the design and construction of our furnishings for pharmacies . The unusual mix of professionals, coming from two very different worlds: fashion and pharmacy, creates an innovative design approach in the production of professional spaces for pharmacies.



Contracting is a sector in which we have always worked, designing and building any type of tailored furnishings. In all these years we have gained experience in a variety of sectors, realizing all kinds of furnishings and using a wide range of materials and finishes.



These are years of great changes, in all sectors where we operate, determining our daily commitment to develop solutions and services that are of concrete help to our customers' business.


"Change is the process by which the future invades our lives."
Cit. Alvin Toffle

the team

FACES OF CLOU . We are a creative team.

“Some studies have explored the role of humor, and in particular self-irony, on people's psychological well-being and emotional health.

Apparently, being able to not take oneself too seriously, to grasp the "comic" side of one's flaws or mistakes, has an advantage in terms of intelligence and problem solving skills.

The reason is linked to creativity and the skills of divergent thinking, which have a lot to do with self-irony. Yes, because in order to make jokes (about oneself or about others), it is necessary to be able to grasp the most paradoxical and contradictory aspects of what is happening, to be able to reverse the "conventional" point of view on things and to be able to look at them from completely new and "unprecedented" perspective.

Irony is essentially a game, it is "a pretence" to say something true.

And this is precisely what our divergent thinking does, that pertaining to creativity and innovation. Laughing is therefore an excellent "gym" to refine creativity ".

creativity requires courage ...

mission and vision

I want...
a space that offers an experience

"Intercepting and anticipating the needs of our customers, seeking answers and useful information to support their business"

Designing and building thoughtful environments which accommodates your comfort and well-being.
The spaces in which we live and work interact with our state of mind. They tell something about us, who we are and how we relate to the world. In a retail space, be it a boutique, a pharmacy or other, the issue is even more important, and to underestimate it would be a serious mistake.

Studies confirm that 85% of consumers are willing to spend more on a product in exchange for a relevant experience; in addition to competence and availability, they have a predisposition for positivity and enthusiasm. In an extremely competitive and saturated supply market it is essential, and at the same time urgent, to take these aspects into consideration. 

Commercial spaces must not be limited to fulfilling needs, but must become places where it is good to be. And it is here that our Mission finds its raison d'etre: designing environments that take care of your well-being, is tantamount to taking care of your customers. A good start to embarking on a path to transform your business into an attractive space, and designed for stimulate quality relationships.

Enhancing the role and meaning that Pharmacies have in the community: through strategies off-line and online, supporting them to keep up with the advancement of chains, purchasing groups, shopping centers, e-commerce, etc., renewing their function for the benefit of the whole region.

my story

My memories

I remember as a boy, in summer when schools were closed, I would cycle through the streets of my village (Bovisio Masciago), in the heart of Brianza, accompanied by the noise of woodworking machines, following me everywhere, right inside the house.

The classic configuration of the artisan shops in the 70s was a mix between home and work: usually the workshop was on the ground floor and the house was on the first floor.

The internship formula, at that time, was not yet foreseen. For us boys in the summer it was customary, just to earn some money, to work in the family shops. 

Sweeping the floors from the waste chips of woodworking was a job that required a specific technique, which was taught with obsessive attention to apprentices, who, for at least the first years, were not allowed to touch even a piece of wood.

To learn you had to "steal with your eyes", which I never stopped doing.
So much so that even today the curiosity and the desire to experiment have not abandoned me, and treasuring my mistakes, I never stop learning new things.
 "I've learned so much from my mistakes that I'm thinking to continue making them." - Snoopy 😊
Pierangelo Spimpolo
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