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Graphic communication
for your pharmacy

Why is communication graphics important for a pharmacy space?

Graphic communication is a fundamental element within the pharmacy space. The image that your pharmacy conveys is essential for retaining customers, distinguishing yourself from competitors and communicating your professionalism.

Presence on social channels, today more than ever, represents an important asset for your business

Graphic communication also intervenes coherently and effectively in creating interesting and stimulating posts that can attract the attention of your audience.

Communicate the commitment and passion you have towards your customers, highlight the services you offer through useful and clear advice.

4 excellent reasons to have an unmistakable space

Our experience and expertise in graphic design for pharmacies allows us to create a integrated communication that helps you stand out from the competition, to achieve and improve your business goals.



The graphics, in signage for pharmacies, must be clear and well organised to help customers navigate and identify the products they are looking for, effortlessly and autonomously.



Enhance the experience within the space by making the time spent in the pharmacy more pleasant, encouraging customers to come back.



Graphics in the pharmacy contribute to expressing the identity and unique values of your business, distinguishing you from your competitors.


Create loyalty

Good communicative graphics can help create an emotional bond with customers and to keep them loyal to your pharmacy.

In short, our advice specific graphics for the pharmacy world will help you:

  • //

    Get more customers thanks to a coordinated image that is engaging and cared for in every aspect
  • //

    Create a defined, unique and recognizable identity at first glance
  • //

    Review your logo in a contemporary key, or design it from scratch, coordinating it with the rest of the communication
  • //

    Be visible on the web with quality content

You have need of our advice if:

  • You want your pharmacy to stand out and communicate your personality

  • If you struggle to find the right solution and it's not clear to you how to define your image, your values

  • Have your current image evaluated by experts supported by 2 graphic designers who have been designing graphics for the pharmacy furniture sector for over 10 years

What you will solve with our advice:

  • No more doubts about your image

  • Have a logo that fully reflects your identity, the values of your pharmacy and your products and that conveys the trust your customers are looking for

  • Color palettes, fonts, graphic templates, personalized for you, like a tailored suit that fits you perfectly!

  • The merchandise path accompanied by evocative phrases, personalized sector crowners, branded products, all will contribute to making you remember

What we offer

Our menus designed for every need and budget


Outline Easy


€ 280

2 hour call where we will analyze your brand to understand the current situation and suggest how to improve your image

Let's take a look at the work you have done up to now and we will clarify all your doubts, we will advise you, starting from our experience in the pharmacy world, if what you have created up to now represents you or penalizes you

We will release a clear and simple report, summarizing what we said


A first "Empty Fridge"


€ 650

1 hour call where we will analyze your brand to understand the current situation and suggest how to improve your image

We will define your color palette contextualizing them in your pharmacy space

We will choose the fonts you will have to use and they will always be the ones!

We'll take a look at your logo, because everything will have to fit together. Logo cost to estimate.

We will issue a clear and simple report, highlighting the steps you will have to take every time you intervene on graphic and communication contents


Today we cook!


€ 1750

Graphic communication:

1 hour call where we will analyze your brand to understand the current situation and suggest how to improve your image

Starting from the logo, we will advise you whether to consider a restyling or implement a real "communication revolution". Logo cost to estimate.

We will define your personal color palette, contextualizing it in your pharmacy space

We will choose the fonts and they will always be the ones!

We will study the crowner image and 5 support sheets for internal showcase exhibitors

Social communication:

10 carousel templates that you can use easily, you just have to change the texts and insert the image of the message you want to communicate

1 single image post per season (total 4 posts) that you can use to promote a specific product

1 single image post per season (total 4 posts) that you can use for helpful advice or dispel a myth about DIY remedies

List of sites to use for images and useful tips on how to use them

Tips on how to shoot small videos and put your face on them 😊

We will release a clear and simple report with everything we said and did, with high definition release of all the graphics

Another hour after about 1 month to update us and dispel any other doubts

How to do?

Simple, fill out the form, choose the date and time, send your request and you will be contacted to help you choose which plan is right for you or to activate it if you have already chosen!

The first consultation is FREE.

We are Erika and Sarah and in the Clou creative team we deal with graphics and social media. Since 2013 we have been taking care of all Clou's graphic and web communication just as you take care of your customers. We are in constant update on the infinite universe of graphic, social and web, we work side by side with our designers and architects for design the pharmacy space in the best possible way, in short, we are veterans of your world.

Communication Manager, you and I will make the first call together.

Graphic Designer, a volcano of ideas, one more beautiful than the other, get ready!


Through e-mail and platforms such as Google Meet or Skype it will be very easy to write, see and talk to us

Of course, we are here to help you and put 10 years of professionalism and experience in graphic and web design for the pharmacy sector at your disposal.

After the fact-finding call we will start designing your new logo for you, the proposals will be 2 completely different from each other, the variants on the graphic proposal will be 3.

Once the economic aspect has been defined, based on the consultancy you want to purchase, and the times agreed, the consultancy process will begin.

Certainly and it will be even more beautiful!

Fill out the form, choose the first FREE Consultation option and we will prepare a personalized consultancy offer based on your specific needs.

If you are looking for a reliable and professional partner who can transform your potential into unique and recognizable graphics, we are here for you, to build the success of your brand together.

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