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Find out how Clou can help you create a unique and original pharmacy, don't hesitate to contact us.

Get a design consultancy for your space, a made-to-measure solution for furnishings or support in choosing the graphics to renew your image.

We are here to help you create a pharmacy that stands out from the competition and meets your needs.

Make an appointment with one of our architects, you will get a free consultation and many suggestions for making the pharmacy of your dreams.

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Via Farga 4/6
20825 Barlassina, MB, Italy

+39 0362 542910

about us

Dr. Angela Maria Colamassaro
Sant'Agata Pharmacy
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Dr. Margherita Nobile
Nobile Pharmacy
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Dott.sse Vilma Vismara e Daniela Barbieri
Drs Vilma Vismara and Daniela BarbieriVelasca Pharmacy
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We decided to rely on Clou because the project that was presented to us fully represented us.
Dott.sse Daniela e Rossana Pozzoli
Drs Daniela and Rossana PozzoliPozzoli Pharmacy
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Customer reactions have all been positive, if not enthusiastic.
Dott. Mauro Mambretti
Dr. Mauro MambrettiMambretti Pharmacy
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It was a wonderful experience to collaborate with this company, they realized my needs and also my dreams, I must also say that I enjoyed it.
Dott.ssa Isabella Parise
Dr. Isabella Parise
Parise Pharmacy
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"A project appreciated by us and by our customers, who are amazed by the functionality and brightness."
Dott.Paolo Troletti
Dr. Paolo TrolettiEdi Pharmacy
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Before it was almost impossible to work there, now it is very pleasant and functional.
Dott. M.Trotta e D.Nicolasi
Dr. M.Trotta and D. NicolasiCapri Pharmacy
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We decided to rely on Clou because we liked the professionalism we immediately found.
Dott.sse Angela Barbi e e Claudia Pellacani
Dr. Angela Barbi and Claudia PellacaniSan Prospero Pharmacy
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A former colleague of mine advised us to rely on Clou and when they showed us a series of proposals we were further convinced.
Dott.sse Debora Beghi e Emanuela Negretti
Drs Debora Beghi and Emanuela NegrettiRegina Pharmacy
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Very professional, attentive to customer needs and above all patient!
Dott.sse Radi, Checchini e Siviero
Drs Radi, Checchini and SivieroRiviera Berica Pharmacy
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The relationship with all the Clou staff was extremely collaborative.
Dott. Fulvio Corallo
Dr. Fulvio CoralloFieschi Pharmacy
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I decided to rely on Clou thanks to a suggestion from the architect Alessandra Podestà. It was a good job but I would have liked to be involved more.
Dott.sse Daniela Berta e Paola Vianello
Doctors Daniela Berta and Paola VianelloTrieste Pharmacy
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The design was done in an innovative, original way and corresponding well to the initial indications.
Dott.ssa Rima e Dott. De Pietro
Dr. Rima and Dr. De PietroSan Dalmazio Pharmacy
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... everyone complimented us, so it was a great job!
Dott.sse Cinzia Bergamaschi e Stefania Previdi
Cinzia Bergamaschi and Stefania PrevidiFormigine Pharmacy
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We relied on Clou because it was the project that struck us most from the beginning.
Dott.ssa Samuela Malesani
Dr. Samuela MalesaniMalesani Pharmacy
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... Samuela's pharmacy? A journey into the future!
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