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In Clou Progetto Arreda Comunica ci constantly strive to obtain positive reviews, as we are convinced that it is the best way to promote our business, and to prove our dedication to quality, and to our customers.

Reviews and feedback help us understand what works well and what we need to improve to ensure complete satisfaction of our customers.

Ancient Bruni Pharmacy

“Our request was the renovation of a room for the management of self-analysis.
First quality service from the planning stage to the implementation stage.
Our contact person has always proved to be prepared and available, ready to respond to our requests, to resolve the inevitable unforeseen events and to advise us in the best possible way.
The designs have been modified several times according to our needs.
After an initial supervision of the place, being "a bit far away", most of the work was done via email and video call, but without any problems.
All the staff were able to stand out for their competence, professionalism, availability and empathy.
The workers have always been helpful and very professional. Kind and polite. They worked seriously without interruption asking for our opinion from time to time during the editing phase.
They have dedicated particular and meticulous attention to details and finishes.
They left the place clean and tidy after work.
We are very satisfied with the result and we highly recommend this company to anyone in need.”


Dr. Minetti

” I am very satisfied because the pharmacy now seems bigger to everyone, while having kept the same premises.”

Parise Pharmacy

Dr. Isabella Parise

"Thanks to Clou's architects, who with their professionalism, creativity and scrupulousness have created a project appreciated by us and by our customers, who are amazed by the functionality and brightness."

Farmacia Edi

Edi Pharmacy

Dr. Paolo Troletti and Dr. Edi Luzzara

"Before it was almost impossible to work there, now it is very pleasant and functional."

Farmacia Velasca

Velasca Pharmacy

Drs Vilma Vismara and Daniela Barbieri

"We decided to rely on Clou because the project that was presented to us fully represented us."

Farmacia Pozzoli

Pozzoli Pharmacy

Drs Daniela Pozzoli and Rossana Pozzoli

"Customer comments have all been positive, if not enthusiastic."

Farmacia Capri

Capri Pharmacy

Dr. M. Trotta and D. Nicolosi

"We decided to rely on Clou because we liked the professionalism we immediately found."

Farmacia Prospero | Clou Arredi Farmacie

San Prospero Pharmacy

Dr. Angela Barbi and Claudia Pellacani

"A former colleague of mine advised us to rely on Clou and when they showed us a series of proposals we were further convinced."

Farmacia Regina | Clou Arredi Farmacie

Regina Pharmacy

Drs Debora Beghi and Emanuela Negretti

"Very professional, attentive to customer needs and above all patient!"

Farmacia Mambretti | Clou Arredi Farmacie

Mambretti Pharmacy

Dr. Mauro Mambretti

"It was a wonderful experience to collaborate with this company, they fulfilled my needs and also my dreams, I must say that I really enjoyed it."

Farmacia Berica | Clou Arredi Farmacie

Riviera Berica Pharmacy

Drs Giorgia Radi, Alessandra Checchini, Roberta Siviero

"The relationship with all the Clou staff was extremely collaborative."

Foto Dottor Fulvio Corallo Farmacia Fieschi Genova, cliente Clou

Fieschi Pharmacy

Dr. Fulvio Corallo

“I decided to rely on Clou thanks to a suggestion from the architect Alessandra Podestà. It was a good job but I would have liked to be involved more. "

Farmacie Trieste | Clou Arredi Farmacie

Trieste Pharmacy

Doctors Daniela Berta and Paola Vianello

"The design was done in an innovative, original way and corresponding to the initial indications."

Farmacia Dalmazio | Clou Arredi Farmacie

San Dalmazio Pharmacy

Dr. Rima and Dr. De Pietro

"... everyone complimented us, so it was a great job!"

Farmacia Formigine | Clou Arredi Farmacie

Formigine Pharmacy

Cinzia Bergamaschi and Stefania Previdi

"We relied on Clou because it was the project that struck us most from the beginning."

Farmacia Malesani | Arredi Clou

Malesani Pharmacy

Dr. Samuela Malesani

“… Samuela's pharmacy? A journey into the future! "


We help you to express the identity of your pharmacy, emphasizing on the unique values of your business.

It is a project designed to develop the classic theme of customer reviews, in a different way where, with rare exceptions, there is a tendency to convey a self-referential message like; "You have seen how good we are, you have seen how beautiful we are".

So let's try to address the issue of reviews fromanother angle, producing something that can be useful to bothcompany and customer.


What is it and how does it work?

#ProMove consists of paying homage to you , of a dedicated video, which you can use on your social media channels. We will accompany you to tell at least 3 good reasons to induce the world out there, to contact your pharmacy in spite of the competitor on the corner.

The goal is "simple" and applies to everyone: in everything we say and communicate, we must always try to "give value", producing content that can be useful to our customers.

Returning to our dear and “old say about us” it is clear that if our customers decide to "Play" with us to the #ProMuoviti project, they are also communicating that they are part of our work were happy😉

And if our customers are happy,
we are happy too.

Jacques de La Palice is nobody…😉

Discover the value of our work with a tailor-made analysis, project and estimate

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