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The Clou Forest is born

How we take care of your space to respect the environment

With this project,
we start a new path,

all green!

This project represents a new path for us, where we we are committed to reducing waste and using sustainable and certified materials, such as wood from controlled plantations or post-consumer materials.

We also produce furnishing elements that can be easily disassembled at the end of their "life cycle", facilitating the differentiated disposal and regeneration of post-consumer materials.

We strive to do our part for a responsible and sustainable future.

We are always searching for new technologies and sustainable solutions to guarantee the maximum energy efficiency of our projects.
Environmental sustainability is an increasingly important issue and we want to keep up with the times by offering eco-friendly solutions for the design and construction of our pharmacies.
Our goal is to create spaces that are both beautiful and environmentally friendly, to ensure a better future for all of us.

What is eco design?

We had a chat witharchitect Eleonora Pozzi, which in 5 fundamental concepts summarizes the value of a eco-sustainable project

What materials are the furnishings made of?

Carlo Losi, the technical sales engineer of the company MIA by Figino Serenza, a company that boasts a long and important experience in the panel sector for the production of furniture, tells us how not all wood-based panels can be traced back, with certainty, to an eco-sustainable production.

Discovering a new generation of ecological materials

Giorgio Trabattoni, technical sales engineer of the company Sadun, a company recognized nationally for their continuous search for innovative materials, tells us the characteristics of a new generation of ecological products designed for the production of furniture. A unique and innovative material, a FSC® certified composite that is produced with 100% recycled paper and cardboard.

Provided our collaboration with Treedom

We give you a tree

Come and find out how you can help create an ever greener environment with us!

By choosing to make your furnishings with us, you will not only join an eco-sustainable project, but you will also receive free communication tools to show your commitment to caring for the environment.

Furthermore, as a thank you for choosing to work with us, in collaboration with Treedom, we will give you a tree that will be planted remotely and that you will be able to watch grow day by day.

Don't miss the opportunity to make a difference with a small gesture! Contact us now to find out how you can join us in promoting a greener environment.

Contact us without obligation, and find out how to design and build your space with an EcoFriendly approach.