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system trolley

The system Trolley moves with you, allowing you to redesign your space without the assistance of external technicians.

You will be able to reorganize your pharmacy with simplicity and efficiency, always ensuring a pleasant and efficient shopping experience for your customers.

Trolley integrates a lighting system which, without the need for expensive lighting systems, will guarantee the right light for your products.

Tired of fixed and inflexible furniture?
Find how Trolley it can revolutionize your pharmacy.

Easily Customizable

Together, we will build your ideal space

Prescription Desk

To complete the line, the prescription counter can be fitted with the same elements as the wall

Integrated lighting

Upon request, it is possible to insert an integrated lighting system that enhances the products, eliminating the need to install external spotlights.

Gondolas in the center of the room

Double gondolas or with single product displays with movable shelves or hangers.

Plexiglass trays

Possibility of inserting transparent plexiglass displays in the Trolley system, in shop windows and for displays on columns or walls.

Promotional display

Modular promotional furniture with the same elements as the wall, with personalized crowner.


Perfect display also for your shop windows. You can choose with backdrop:
- Forex with custom graphics
- Ennobled wood
- Micro-perforated metal

Reorganize your spaces

Imagine being able to transform your pharmacy whenever you want, without complications. After the initial assembly, you will have the freedom to move the various components of “Trolley” to create new configurations based on the needs of the moment. And if, for example, you decide to organize a special event once a month, you can do it easily, creating adedicated area which the following day will be able to return to its original configuration.

Give your pharmacy a new face with Trolley: flexible spaces, bright displays and eye-catching showcases

The strengths

Trolley is...

01 Flexibility

Furnish all the spaces of your pharmacy.

02 Autonomy

Remodel the layout of your pharmacy with complete autonomy.

03 Creativity

Experiment with new layouts and categories.

04 Efficiency

Put your displayed products in the right light.

05 Warranty

Our products are guaranteed for 2 years

From your imagination to reality

Furnishing system dynamic versatile functional

Do you want more info?

It's time to take the first step towards a more dynamic and versatile pharmacy. TROLLEY offers you movable systems, integrated lighting and infinite configuration possibilities. Don't wait any longer, discover all the advantages of TROLLEY today!

Tired of fixed and inflexible furniture?
Find how Trolley it can revolutionize your pharmacy.

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