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Don't miss the chance to turn your vision into reality!

We are excited to welcome you to the future of interactive 3D design with Clou!

Navigate inside your new pharmacy, explore every single detail and live an immersive and interactive experience.

Why should you choose our interactive 3D project for your pharmacy?


It allows you to view and interact with the project in an engaging way, giving you the opportunity to virtually walk through our furnishings and interior design proposals.


We will save precious time during the project development phase, focusing more on creating the perfect atmosphere and finding unique details.


The interactivity of the project will make it easier for you to understand what your pharmacy will look like once it is built, helping you to make decisions and collaborate with our designers in making changes.


3D technology allows us to show you the project clearly and in detail, eliminating any misunderstandings or confusion.


You will be able to easily compare different options and choose the one you prefer, without having to rely only on sketches or floor plans.


You will have the ability to tailor the project to your needs and preferences, making sure your pharmacy is exactly how you want it.

An extraordinary technology ready to completely revolutionize the way you think about the design process

Choose the right one design strategy and implementation for your pharmacy is crucial to ensuring its success and maximizing the effectiveness of the space. At CLOU, we fully understand the importance of this process and we are here to offer you the our support together with our team of expert architects and designers.

We have developed two design options distinctive and innovative, designed for satisfy your unique needs, but only by choosing our navigable 3D project, you will have access to advanced tools which will allow you to visualize and evaluate the design of your pharmacy in a way detailed, allowing you to contribute real-time changes and achieve optimal results.




Clear and Defined Vision:

Thanks to this option, you will have a detailed preview of your new pharmacy through 3D rendered images.

Without Additional Costs:

We offer this design service at no cost. Although you cannot have the complete project for intellectual property reasons, you will be given the floor plan and a detailed financial offer.
- Maximum 2 project reviews
- Graphic design excluded



Immersive Experience: This cutting-edge technology allows you to virtually “navigate” within your project, offering a vivid and realistic experience.

Expanded Visual Details:

To better understand the impact of the colors and finishes of the materials, we will develop high definition 3D renderings, always accompanied by the economic offer relating to the supply.
- Maximum 3 project reviews
- Graphic design excluded

Full Ownership:

For this exclusive service, there is a fee. In this way the project will be delivered to you and will be entirely your property, giving you the freedom to consult it at will.

With the our innovative approach to designFinally, you will be able to see the pharmacy of your dreams come to life

The Pharmacy, as you imagined it, will take shape thanks to our NEW way of designing.

With the interactive 3D Project there will be no more nasty surprises, only the desire to experience your new pharmacy as soon as possible!

interactive 3d project is


An interactive 3D project is an innovative service offered by Clou Arredi Farmacie that allows you to view the renovation project of your pharmacy in a detailed and engaging way, you can virtually explore the furnishing and interior design proposals, interacting with the project and visualizing it in a clear and detailed. This service is particularly suitable for pharmacies wishing to renew their sales environment in an innovative and functional way.

The advantages are many: you will be able to save precious time during the project elaboration phase, you will have the possibility to customize the project according to your needs and preferences, moreover, thanks to the project interactivity, you will be able to better understand how the your pharmacy once built, make informed decisions and collaborate with our designers in making any changes.

The interactive 3D design service offered by Clou Arredi Farmacie includes a consultation phase to understand your needs and preferences. Subsequently, our designers will create a personalized and detailed project, which will be visualized using 3D technology in an interactive way. You will be able to virtually explore your new pharmacy, interact with the project and make any changes in collaboration with our designers.

The interactive 3D design service is offered free of charge provided that the project remains the property of Clou Arredi Farmacie. In case of purchase of the project, the 50% of the design cost will be deducted from the value of the supply. In this way, we guarantee a very high quality service without you necessarily having to incur costs for the design.

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