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Renew your pharmacy with the LEGO Serious Play® method

the right way to make informed decisions

Doing a thorough analysis before investing in a pharmacy renovation can help avoid risks such as inefficiency, failure, cost increases and customer dissatisfaction.

An accurate analysis can ensure that your pharmacy is optimally designed and responds to the needs of your customers and your collaborators, that the project achieves the desired objectives, that the refurbishment phase is efficient and that your customers are satisfied of the shopping experience. For this reason, It's important to do a thorough analysis before investing time and money in renovating your pharmacy.

4 Good reasons to do an analysis using the LEGO Serious Play® method

before investing in the renovation of your Pharmacy:

The LSP is a tool problem solving and decision making based on play and creativity, which helps develop innovation and problem solving skills. Through the use of LEGO bricks, participants will represent concepts and ideas in a concrete and visual way, encouraging collaboration and creativity.

The LSP is a method based on the collaboration and inclusion of all your team members, therefore particularly suitable for involve the staff of the commercial space in the definition of solutions and create a sense of belonging to the renovation project.

The LSP can help identify challenges and opportunities that arise during the restructuring phase and to find creative and effective solutions to address them.

The LSP can be a fun and engaging way to do an analysis while making it more enjoyable and motivating design phase of the renovation for you and your team.

In summary, using the LEGO Serious Play® (LSP) method before investing in the renovation of your pharmacy, can be effective for developing innovation and problem solving, involving your team in defining solutions, identifying challenges and opportunities and make the planning phase more enjoyable and motivating.


For an optimal analysis, both the owner and the collaborators who work in your pharmacy must be involved, with a minimum of 3 up to a maximum of 8 people. A document describing the problems we intend to address will be produced.

We ask you to make half a day of your time available, the bare minimum to extrapolate the correct data... plus having fun. To meet your needs, we are also available on closing holidays.

Meetings can take place directly at your pharmacy, or if you prefer at our office. 

A certified facilitator will guide the group, step by step, model by model, to identify the correct answers to solve the problems formulated at the outset.

A final report that summarizes the workshop and describes the details of the most significant steps highlighting the solutions that emerged from the group. The report also contains a work plan with indications for giving substance to the solutions developed during the workshop.

The cost of the Lego Serious Play® workshop including the final report is €1,750 ie, (excluding any travel costs of the facilitator which will be communicated to you in advance). If you decide to rely on Clou for the renewal of your pharmacy, you will get a 50% discount on the cost of the Lego Serious Play® workshop.

The analysis that emerges with LEGO Serious Play® allows you to reconsider your business in the clearest and simplest way, whether in terms of reorganizing spaces, defining new services, or optimizing your team's work.

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Simona Villa, project designer and certified Lego Serious Play® facilitator since 2017, has conducted LSP workshops for different types of organizations (from very small to very large) in different sectors (artisanal, commercial, public, professional

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