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low-cost renewal
farm wrapping method

Consists in cover your furnishings with high quality and very resistant customizable decorative films.

They come made to measure for your needs and your furnishings. This way, you can get a new and fresh look without having to make radical interventions or commit to major investments.

In only 2/3 days, our team of experts will be able to transform the look of your pharmacy on a budget estimated at around ¼ of the value of a classic renovation intervention.

If you are interested in learning more about the Farmawrapping method and finding out how it can help your pharmacy to renew itself without having to make large investments, contact us for more information and to request a free quote.

We tell the story of the journey taken by Borsa Pharmacy by Melzo and by its owner, Dr. Borsa.


  • //

    Renew the image of the pharmacy using the existing furnishings
  • //

    Lighting systems and air treatment
  • //

    Electrical doors and windows
  • //

    Signs and accessories
  • //

  • //

    Assistance with formalities and permits

What does he have changed the picture of the Pharmacy Bag?

  • Custom graphic review
  • Use of decorated films
  • Reinterpretation of the three large pillars
  • New single desk arrangement
  • Introduction of warmer materials

Antibacterial action with silver ions.
Adaptable to any type of surface and furniture

It is a 60 micron transparent cast PVC film containing antibacterial agents.

It is a product intended for the ANTIMICROBIAL PROTECTION of surfaces in areas that require a high level of hygiene: hospitals, pharmacies, dental offices, food industry, public places, commercial activities, kindergartens, schools, supermarkets, transport.

It has been found to reduce bacterial concentration on:
// escherichia coli
// salmonella
// listeria
// staphylococcus

Perfectly ECOLOGICAL, the antimicrobial activity lasts 5 years, with active protection 24 hours a day.
It has an immediate and permanent adherence and is NOT HARMFUL if put in CONTACT with the SKIN.
The available finishes are wood or leather effect and can be printed with a customized decorative graphic.

Discover the value of our work with a tailor-made project, analysis and estimate

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