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Exclusively tailor-made
for over 40 years

Custom manufacturing is often associated with high costs, but today, thanks to advanced technologies and numerical control machinery, it is possible to obtain unique, high quality pieces at extremely competitive and sustainable costs.

To make high-quality furnishings for pharmacies, and parapharmacies, it is important to choose durable and long-lasting materials.

For example, using edged melamine panels on all sides, guarantees long-lasting durability and resistance to humidity. Even if this trick can slightly increase the cost of the products, it is worth it to obtain high quality furnishings with excellent performance over time.

What concerns glass, a material often used to furnish pharmacies, it is important to use only tempered glass with rounded corners. This assures a safe glass, resistant to accidental impacts.

It is also important to pay attention to the topic ofeco-sustainability, choosing materials that are environmentally sustainable, thus helping to protect and preserve our earth.

By choosing our furnishings, you can be sure of getting high quality, durable and sustainable products.

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Why we design and build pharmacies
exclusively tailor-made?

  • To guarantee you a unique and recognizable environment
  • To have no constraints either in size or in materials / finishes
  • To fulfill all your needs
  • To create a space that expresses who you are
  • To develop walking routes and services designed for your customers
  • To examine every single detail with you

Discover the value of our work with a tailor-made project, analysis and estimate

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