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Reflections, ideas and suggestions for your Retail project

Michele Torella

We are not alone in our commercial space. The success of an opening day is given by the number of people who have chosen to enter and then buy. In …

Pierangelo Spimpolo | GM Clou

This summer my partner organized a trip to Favara for me; when he told me about it I didn't even know where exactly it was. On July 25th we arrive at Catania airport, ...

Eleonora Pozzi

The design phase of the concept store can begin from the analysis of these parameters, in a continuous and constructive discussion with the Retail Manager of the Brand. Five questions to which ...

Pierangelo Spimpolo | GM Clou

I recently became aware of the existence of a worldwide movement, which organizes events where we meet to discuss a topic very dear to us entrepreneurs ... THE BANKRUPTCY?? Asked ...

Pierangelo Spimpolo | GM Clou

I want to share with you my "life experience" which if nothing else confirms a theory that I believe we all know but that at times we tend to forget or underestimate. Some …

Pierangelo Spimpolo | GM Clou

Clou deals with the design and construction of furniture for stores, outlets, corners, flagship stores, temporary stores, showrooms, pharmacies and contracts. In these sectors, compliance with delivery times is a ...

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