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For over 30 years specialized in the design and production of FURNITURE Retail fashion sector

We started out as an artisan workshop to become a true forge of ideas and complete solutions for fashion sector retail spaces. Our experience and expertise allow us to offer tailor-made solutions to meet the different needs of our customers.

Brianza is an ecosystem  formed by micro business with incredible Know-how, a story made up of small artisan entrepreneurs who from generation to generation have developed competent manufacturing specifications in the furniture and design sector. Realities that have been able to be appreciated all over the world

Working in this area represents a continuous discovery made up of extraordinary skills, concentrated in the district that represents, for the retail furniture sector, the fashion sector, the excellence of Made in Italy.

Brianza is an incredible place ...


Our story begins in Bovisio Masciago in Brianza, in the heart of the district which is still confirmed today as the territory where design and quality furniture production finds its natural location.

My father and his brothers start their business in one small craft shop, which produces quality bespoke furnishings.



The second generation took over from the first generation, has maintained an artisan dimension, they are years in which they are established important collaborations with talented architects.

These collaborations increase the passion for the world of design furniture, and at the same time the attention to the importance of details.

Working in constant contact with these creatives makes ours grow experience in the production of customized and quality fashion retail furniture, experiences that will lead us to transform most of them into furnishing elements various materials.



The meeting with an important Brand in the Luxury Fashion sector requires yet another business growth.

Which will take us in a few years to specialize in the retail furniture sector for fashion shops.

The experience that develops from year to year in this sector will contribute to the contact with several Italian brands that have relied on Clou for create boutiques anywhere in the world.

Over 30 years of experience in design and furnishings have resulted in the realization of boutiques, flagship stores, corner shops, shop in shops and outlets both for the national territory and abroad.

 Years in which a design office and a technical department for the management of orders.

The manufacturing experience is added to the technical and design experience able to offer all-round services.

From the design of the concept store, to the production of all the furnishing parts, to the station and management e realization of extra furnishing works, defines a professional formula capable of meet all the needs of this fascinating sector.



The meeting with two architects specialized in furniture sector Pharmacies determines the umpteenth corporate evolution, which to be made effective requires the organization of a team of expert technicians in the pharmacy furnishing sector.

Architects, designers, product technicians, graphic designers, project leaders are involved in this phase, who will add an important experience to the company.

We therefore define a division for the design and construction of furniture for pharmacies.

The mix that is created between the professional skills that come from two very different sectors: fashion and pharmacy, develops a innovative design approach in interpreting these professional fields.



Contract, special projects for special spaces. This is an aspect that concerns our present as well as our past. It is a story that binds us to the territory where we were born and professionally raised.

The field of Contract design and furnishing is in fact for us, who have always been used to creating tailor-made spaces, a natural path.

Whether they are modern or classic interior furnishings, library furnishings or whatever, once defined through the project language, engineer and produce them it is part of our usual daily life.



In these long years we have lived and crossed multiple changes in the pharmacy, retail and contract furniture sectors in which we operate, which in turn prompted us to understand its need and value.

An incessant journey that without delay and with the right humility of someone who is always ready to learn new things, has characterized and continues to characterize ours professional career in continuous evolution.

Continuously looking for solutions and services that can concretely help our customers transform what may seem to some today the "apocalypse" of its sector, in an extraordinary opportunity.


"Change is the process by which the future invades our lives."
Cit. Alvin Toffle

the team

FACES OF CLOU . We are a creative team.

Self-irony is an often underestimated quality that instead has extremely positive functions in our communication and relationship with others.
In the FacceDaClou photographic project, which may seem like a nice madness, we try to convey an important message: "Creativity is in each of us and creativity needs courage".

Being immortalized by making a funny face is equivalent to showing oneself intimately in what is a creative gesture.

An experience that suggests us not to take ourselves too seriously and to know how to laugh at ourselves, at the same time gratifying our self-esteem for having overcome the innate reluctance to expose our creative side.

creativity requires courage ...

mission and vision

I want...
a space that offers an experience

"Intercepting and anticipating the needs of our customers, looking for answers and concrete solutions to support their Retail project"

The spaces in which we work interact with ours mood, they speak of our brand, our values and how we relate to the outside world. In a retail space, be it a boutique, an outlet or other, the theme is even more relevant and not taking it into account would be a serious mistake.

The 85% of consumers are willing to spend more on a product in exchange for a relevant experience; in addition to competence and availability, they ask for a predisposition to positivity and enthusiasm. In an extremely competitive and saturated supply market, it is essential and at the same time urgent to take these aspects into consideration. 

Therefore, designing and creating a retail space cannot be limited to the study of the correct product path, or to the adequate and effective display of products.

A project capable of retaining your customers must also guarantee places where it is good to be. And it is here that our Mission finds its reason for existance: design environments that take care of your customers for transform your business into an attractive space designed to stimulate quality relationships.

my story

My memories

In the 70's being born and growing up in a small village in the heart of the Brianza area meant having a sealed destiny.

When your days are punctuated by the noise of woodworking machines, the scent of this noble material fills your spaces, and one of the favorite places to play and experiment is the family workshop, okay, but what will you ever want to do when I grow up…

Within a radius of 100 meters around our house you could count a dozen shops specialized in different fields: from those who specialized in the production of kitchen furniture, those in lacquering with hand-made floral decorations, those in wood turning, those in construction of huge stairs made with precious woods.

During the summer holidays it was customary to work in the family shop, I remember that sweeping the floors from scrap shavings was a job that required a specific technique, which with maniacal severity was taught to the boys, who, for at least the first two years, did not it was allowed to do other things, if not to act as apprentices to the most experienced workers.

There were no internship training courses or theoretical or practical lessons to learn the trade, to learn it was necessary to “steal with the eyes”, a silent and humble teaching that came in handy in all the other business areas that I had to face.

Even today the curiosity and the desire to experiment have not abandoned me, and treasuring my mistakes, I never stop learning new things.

 "I've learned so much from my mistakes that I'm thinking to continue making them." - Snoopy 😊
Pierangelo Spimpolo
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