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The birth of


The new business model that gives you all the tools for a successful business.

FarEmpathy aims to help you, in a simple, economical and above all effective way, to successfully face a rapidly evolving market, which in fact is sweeping away all your certainties.

Empathy is the ability to identify with another person's state of mind. The more you are able to intercept the feelings and needs of your customers, the more ready you will be to satisfy their needs.

FarEmpathy is a business model that puts at your disposal specialized professional figures to support you in a path of renovation in all those strategic aspects to the optimal functioning of your business.

The aim is to guarantee you, at a sustainable cost, effective and concrete competitive tools for your business.

Competitive tools

What is it about,
the FarEmpathy model?

Empathy at the center of your renewal process ...

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It is the starting point to allow you to face the renovation process of your Pharmacy with the right awareness, helping you to define your business strategy, and to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

We all know Legos, perhaps the most famous toys in the world, with which models are built; in this case the game with Lego becomes serious because the word "serious" recalls the working environment rather than the word "play" .... in fact what is more serious than playing?

Lego Serious Play is based on a beautiful theory that has to do with "constructivism"; in practice we learn on the basis of a creative process of construction (or rather the act of building), on the basis of practical experiences.

 For this reason, the motto of Lego Serious Play is "think with your hands"

The use of Lego bricks, emblem of construction, helps us to find solutions otherwise not reachable by our usual way of dealing with problems, and to physically represent them in a model that is shared with all the others in the group (another wonderful aspect of this methodology is precisely that it facilitates sharing and dialogue between the participants in the "game").

The Lego Serious Play methodology is applied in any work environment to find solutions to complicated problems.

Some possible examples in the pharmacy: how to make the work team in the pharmacy work well and have the maximum collaboration of everyone? how to improve the commercial performance of the pharmacy? How to better communicate the services of the pharmacy? What services to implement in the pharmacy?

 The Lego Serious Play workshop takes place involving the owner of the pharmacy and his collaborators, who under the supervision of the Lego Serious Play facilitator, are conducted through the phases of the methodology, thus guaranteeing all the fundamental steps of this path.

At the center of the Lego Serious Play workshop is the theme of how to transform your pharmacy in an effective, performing and responsive way to your expectations and those of your customers.

 The role of the Lego certified facilitator ends with the production of an operational work plan that will be preparatory in all the strategic planning phases of your business.

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Empathy at the center of the space

Designing a space means creating a new place from nothing. "Throwing forward" something that did not exist. And precisely because it did not exist when it begins to "exist" those who benefit from it are often "forced" to stay in the project itself. As can be seen from the title of these few lines, Empathy must be at the basis of the entire design process and the result that will derive from it.

But what is empathy and what does it have to do with design?

If we treat empathy as the ability to take another's perspective, we will understand how important it is that this way of understanding life also spreads in the design and architecture that have and must have the mission of combining utility and beauty.

Laura Boella, professor of Moral Philosophy at the University of Milan and member of the Fem ethics committee, said: "Empathy connects design with life, what is beautiful and useful with human nature, getting in tune even with its imperfection ».

In-depth knowledge of users is the starting point in designing a product. Empathy, that is the ability to identify with and understand needs before creating solutions, is fundamental for the work of a designer.

But what does it mean, in particular, in the pharmacy to design by placing empathy at the center of the space?

If we ask ourselves “Who are we planning for? How does our client move within the pharmacy space? Because?" we will have a shop capable of sustaining competitiveness on the markets ensuring an economic return.

People think, evaluate and reflect, but then they decide and buy also and above all through emotions. To understand what happens, we are supported by the empathy process which becomes a formidable tool in the phase of investigation and understanding of people's behaviors and universe.

The customer needs to: get excited, feel, recognize himself, be listened to. If he feels comfortable in your store, he will be able to feel free to buy without the barrier of fear.

Each designed sign stimulates the sensory sphere of each of us; this in turn is able to activate the memory of previous experiences connected to feelings of well-being, trust and belonging.

The task of the interior design project in the pharmacy is not only to encourage the purchase, but rather to convey one's values, becoming itself a container of values.

The active role of the customer becomes central; the way in which he is called to interact with space through sensory and behavioral activations contributes to the creation of an experience.

Pharmacy design with empathic design means involving the customer in the active exploration of the pharmacy space.

But what could be the characteristics of an empathic project?

As mentioned up to now there is no “one size fits all” recipe. Building an empathic space does not mean making a green, yellow, red or blue space according to our personal taste.

However, there are characters that can always be true, perhaps declined in different forms.

In general, the principle of eliminating the distances between those who sell and those who buy may apply. Authority does not necessarily pass from a professorship ... quite the contrary. Then stimulate the contact, the advice. Make the customer feel at ease, accompanying him in the purchase.

Think of meeting points… which can be corners where you can taste herbal teas, mini-lounges where you can spend time, where to read and find out about your health.

Where to be able to talk to someone who gives us advice, who understands our needs.

Let's think about how nice it would be to go to that pharmacy and find a place where books and volumes on self-care are collected. Having a person who has taken care of choosing the right words for us about our physical and psychological well-being.

Maybe even with the recipe of the day for those who, as a celiac, do not know what to cook.

Or our pharmacy is in a neighborhood full of young mothers who don't know how their little new bundle works… how many tears I shed as a new mother because I didn't know what to do!

Or maybe vice versa we are in a neighborhood where there is an important number of elderly people ... maybe a space can be dedicated to them where they can meet and talk. Why not? Maybe play cards and spend time while the pharmacist prepares his "magic potion" to make me feel better.

Maybe our pharmacy is in a university district of Milan where there is a huge concentration of young "techs" ... maybe they would like some virtual reality in the pharmacy, collect information with their smartphone, save products on their list desires and have them brought home!… etc etc

Here you are. This is empathic design. Knowing your client and designing with him and for him. Not for us. Because feeling good in a space is making those who live it feel good. And when you feel at home that's where you want to go.

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Empathic communicative graphics

We are in the era in which, through graphic communication, we can no longer limit ourselves only to the use of the name, the pharmaceutical cross or the caduceus. We are in the era in which it is essential to communicate through the corporate identity, your values, your passion , your professionalism.

"Empathy through the eyes" is the path that we want to take with you to relate your customer with the space, facilitating a dialogue between the products / services that you provide and the users of the space

From the department signage, to the evaluation of the logo, to the packaging, to the advertising flyers, to the promotional / informative videos, up to the integrated communication, everything must empathically communicate an attention to detail and the quality of your service.

It must make the use of your space simple and intuitive, while also facilitating the purchase process within your business.

Graphic communication project example:

A formidable empathic approach where the needs of your customers and their expectations are at the center of your project and represent the real focal point on which to develop your identity.

Visual communication with its tools, from the most basic ones, such as the correct definition of the logo, to the colors, to the product signage, will help the definition of your image, giving back a value of uniqueness, just as your personality is unique.

The communicative graphics also have the purpose of conveying coherently what we will define tone of voice in its various conjugations: professional, ironic, technical, colloquial, warm, informal ...

Having defined which one is more in line with the personality of your pharmacy, it will have to be declined through graphics in all the communication present in the space. Choice of font, copy, colors, everything contributes in a homogeneous way to underline your value proposition.     

Our design logic, makes use of the powerful tool of empathy, seeks communicative coherence, which starting from the study of the exhibition space, involves every element of the Pharmacy Brand, including communicative graphics.

Since each Pharmacy is the bearer of unique values, it is important that these qualities are highlighted in the communication.

The coordinated image encompasses and brings to knowledge the products, the organization, the values, the services, tells who you are, in short, your identity.

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The importance of deepening the mechanisms of empathy

The FarEmpathy project will provide you with all the tools, including specific training, to help you strategically use the powerful “empathy tool. In order to establish positive and effective relationships, not only with your customers, but also with your work colleagues, to improve both customer loyalty and, more generally, the relationship and personal interactions.

In communication, the ability to feel empathy towards others is a great way to be able to communicate effectively with others and to establish relationships based on trust.

In the world of commerce and, even more so, in the world of pharmacies, emphatic capacity is of fundamental importance because the subject dealt with is particularly “delicate”.

It may seem obvious that anyone who does a front-office job or is in direct contact with the public should know and apply empathy automatically. Unfortunately, sometimes, they are committed, in good faith communication errors that can compromise the establishment of a sincere relationship of trust and mutual collaboration with its customers, and make the relationship with some customers more demanding and less satisfying.

It must be said that it is rarely possible to recommend something to a potential client without first having been able to establish a good degree of mutual trust.

Today the competition on the market, in any commercial area, and the pharmacy is no different, has become more and more complex.

The advent and great growth of online sales channels have given retail businesses the need to focus on the only weapon they have more than these competitors, or rather the possibility of creating an added value in the human relationship with its customers.

In general people are willing to spend more on a product in exchange for a satisfying, pleasant and positive shopping experience.

In addition, people tend to return to shop in a place where they believe, in some way, their needs are being met.

We know that one of the primary needs of any human being is to be listened to and understood.

Try to think about how beautiful it is when someone listens to us, but listens carefully, asks us questions because they want to better understand our problems, small or big, and we understand that this person sincerely wants to help us and doesn't just want us to "grab” the first product behind the counter.

Would you go back to that pharmacy, shop or person?

What if all the people in that pharmacy or shop had the same "spirit"?

What if going to buy something in that pharmacy became a pleasure instead of being one of the many small tasks of daily life?

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Empathy in the web and digital world

The FarEmpathy project extends all around the world of pharmacies, including not only the physical space, but also the digital. In fact, in recent years, digital channels (social networks, websites, etc.) have assumed absolute importance for any commercial reality. And pharmacies are not excluded from this dynamic.

Digital channels for commercial activities

No commercial activity today can afford not to use or, even worse, misuse these new communication channels that have gradually become part of our life.

The average usage time of social media has risen a lot in recent years and literally “exploded” during the lockdown.

This has led to a great acceleration of the processes already in place and a change in the way of communicating that will push all companies, not just commercial establishments, to using these new communication channels with their customers in a professional and continuous way.

FarEmapthy's digital goal for pharmacies

The goal of the FAREMPATHY project is to give, in a simple and integrated way, all the tools to communicate well on social networks and, in general, on the digital channel, creating if there is not already an activity on social networks or enhancing and structuring the digital communication of the pharmacy.

It's important to pay attention and to create valuable content to share. In marketing, one of the fundamental laws is “content is king”: content is fundamental for the correct communication of your company or business.

Furthermore, for a good communication it is not enough to make a post, even well written, once in a while: continuity and a well-set and structured work that lasts over time is needed.

The FareEmpaty team can support you in this activity by deciding with you the "editorial plan", that is the lineup of topics to be discussed and creating ad hoc content, which will be posted according to precise timelines.

Only in this way, with your most correct communication, will you achieve the result of creating and consolidating a long-term empathic relationship with your customers, and of acquiring new ones.

All of this, however, requires a lot of effort in terms of creative energy and time which, while running your business, can be difficult to find.

With FarEmpathy you will have ongoing, professional support for your digital and social communication that will help you develop and maintain your presence on social networks.

Develop your loyalty campaigns and acquisition of new customers with the creation of a shared editorial plan and a marketing strategy designed after the characteristics of your business.

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