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Busetti Pharmacy

Busetti Pharmacy

Art Director
Eleonora Pozzi
Project Leader
Danilo Duroni, Andrea Bordogna
Arch. Giorgia Mazza
Project Manager
Luca Rava
Sales area
Palazzolo sull'Oglio, BS
Furniture realization

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The renewal of Farmacia Busetti, a well-known activity in Palazzolo sull'Oglio in the province of Brescia, involved the sales area of the pharmacy.

The design of the space took place in collaboration with the architect Giorgia Mazza

which has managed to create harmony between the new furnishing elements and the existing one. The client's request was to enter a monumental, almost museum-like environment in which the cosmetics area was very evident. In addition to this, there were two constraints that influenced the design: the inclusion of automation for drug distribution (in collaboration with Rowa) and the existing display walls that were not to be affected by the restyling.

From the entrance you can immediately notice the division between the cosmetics area and the rest of the pharmacy. This is evident not only from the development of the space, but also from the wooden structure that covers the beam and frames the pillars (including the central one) and which creates a sort of opening, almost a shop in shop, which allows you to enter the area dedicated exclusively to beauty and body care.

The rest of the pharmacy (from the entrance to the counter area) develops thanks to a rhythmic alternation of massive center-room structures, similar to low bookcases, anthracite in color and with exposure on both sides. In addition to creating well-defined partitions, they give a solemn and elegant atmosphere, also underlined by imposing ceiling light points, positioned exactly above each element.

The wise use of anthracite gray

present both on the walls and on the furnishings, alternating with a slightly lighter wood finish than the one already present, they create a balanced contrast that highlights all the elements.

The museum is highlighted in the area of the prescription counters.

This area is framed by an anthracite boiserie which hides not only the slides and the automation belts, but also the countertop drawer unit system that is covered and recessed inside the structure. The only display mode is the niches covered in wood arranged in different compositions; this system is therefore aimed at displaying a few products, almost as if they were unique pieces in a museum.

The prescription counter is divided into three positions by a marked wooden battens which guarantees privacy during the moment of advice and the purchase of drugs.


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