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Calcinatello Pharmacy

Calcinatello Pharmacy

Art Director

Chiara Mariani

Project Leader

Beppe Colombo


Clare Molteni

Project Manager

Maura Maspero

Sales area

120 sqm


Calcinatello BS


Furniture creation, Graphic Communication

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“What was the main inspiration behind the design concept adopted for this pharmacy? Is there any specific theme you wanted to emphasise?”

The main inspiration behind the design concept adopted for the renovation of the Calcinatello Municipal Pharmacy was the need to redefine the existing spaces, focusing on the expansion of the sales area with dedicated stations and the inclusion of a large cabin for services consultancy, located near the back office.

“What architectural and design solutions have you adopted to improve the operational efficiency and functionality of the internal space of the pharmacy?”

In the layout proposal we tried to define the prescription counter area and expand the display part for non-prescription products. The exhibition structures adopted, in their simplicity, allow flexible management of the space and product display

“How did you involve the customer in the decision-making process regarding the pharmacy design? Are there any custom elements or specific customer requests that you have successfully integrated?”

The study of every single element, of the organization of the spaces, including the back office operational area, was the result of a continuous comparison, seeking in the choices of colors and materials to underline the aesthetic aspect requested by the pharmacists.


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