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Mambretti Pharmacy

Mambretti Pharmacy

Art Director

Eleonora Pozzi

Project Leader

Danilo Duroni


Chiara Mariani

Project Manager

Luca Rava

Sales area

163 sqm


Veniano, CO


Realization of furnishings, extra furnishing works, graphic communication

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The professionalism and availability of Dr. Mambretti towards his customers, has led the doctor to expand, over the years, his offer in terms of services and products.

Listening and customer care, the main feature of the Mambretti pharmacy offering strategy

In fact, over time it has given fruit, significantly implementing the customer base, which consequently has generated an increase in terms of quantity and assortment of products and services offered.

The theme of restyling has therefore become indispensable to redefine the space with regard to the changing needs, becoming a necessary priority in order to reorganize the spaces by redefining the product paths. Always in the logic of offering the best to their customers.

In this sense, Clou's architects worked, creating a project that would make the space, albeit dense with products, orderly, functional, and which, thanks to the communicative graphics, would facilitate the identification of the merchandise areas and products.

The need to renovate the pharmacy stems from the strategy of offering its customers a space that offers a pleasant and well-organized shopping experience.

The intervention changed the appearance of the existing furniture, thanks to the use of an ad hoc graphic communication

which defines a message by focusing on the theme of time as a tool for treatment, and on how useful and necessary it is for our well-being, to spend time and due attention to improving one's health.

Clou designers have designed the sales area with particular attention given to product routes.

Thanks to a particular structure, specially designed and produced for this pharmacy, consisting of tubular metal uprights, whose particular shape also allows the creation of curved walls, which in the case of this pharmacy become functional, leading the customer from the entrance to the checkout area.

The prescription counter and the cosmetics counter are the real stars of this space. On the front of the counters, thanks to a particular process, holes of different sizes have been drilled, shielded by a white opal, backlit with RGB LED lights, this particular type of lighting has the characteristic of being able, through a special dimmer, to change colors.

The same lighting concept created with RGB LEDs is also proposed on the perimeter of the display walls.

the play of color changes integrated into the ceiling and furnishings, restores the perception of a lively and ironic environment, all characteristics that can be found in the personality of Dr. Mambretti, and also in that of his collaborators.


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