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Morlotti Pharmacy

Morlotti Pharmacy

Art Director

Eleonora Pozzi

Project Leader

Danilo Duroni


Eleonora Sambugaro

Project Manager

Luca Rava

Sales area

90 sqm


Canzo (CO)


Production and installation of furnishings, flooring and lighting system.

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In the heart of the Lombard Prealps, a few steps from Lake Como, the small village of Canzo ... "a marvel for the eyes" ... so much so that many tourists pass through here.

This ancient village has a great attraction, and it can take you for a real dive into the past.

In the center of town, in a historic building in front of the baroque church, the Morlotti Pharmacy of Dr. Molteni is a reference point for the citizens, also from neighboring towns.

Dr. Molteni, looking to expand the space of his business, and with a desire to transform the historic interiors into a modern, bright and welcoming space, contacted us to develop the project of his future pharmacy.

Expanding the sales area of the pharmacy was a matter of much consideration, and in the end the decision was made to reorganize the interior space, demolishing the central dividing wall to create two large communicating areas, and subsequently extending the prescription counters for the entire length of the premises, giving customers the possibility to distribute themselves inside the pharmacy, avoiding crowds at the entrance.

This forced us to rethink and redistribute the spaces behind, annexed to the pharmacy. A 360-degree project that involved many professionals and craftsmen and construction works of a certain importance.

The technical and aesthetic choices aimed to give a feeling of order, cleanliness and professionalism. To give more light in the shop and the exhibition, a lot of attention was given to the lighting project, hence a back-lit arch decoration in front of the display panels that amplify the sensation of light inside the rooms.

The environment benefits from the presence of big, minimalistic, white display pieces, mounted on walls colored in light dove gray, declining through the rooms.

The black details, above all used for the parts in steel, give an elegant and refined touch.

The only edgy look is given by the choice of a dark floor, a porcelain stoneware which is reminiscent of a fresh concrete pour. A modern and trendy tone which does not risk to tire but instead gives balance, unity and character to the whole environment

Attention to detail was also given to the furnishings of the pharmacy, especially for the very particular, decorated smoked glass, with which the self-analysis cage-box was coated. It was an adventure of prevalent satisfaction.


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