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Parise Pharmacy

Parise Pharmacy

Art Director
Eleonora Pozzi
Project Leader
Andrea Maione
Eleonora Sambugaro
Project manager
Luca Rava
Sales area
Lamezia terme CZ
Design, construction of furnishings, collateral works

Scopri il valore del nostro lavoro con un’analisi, progetto e preventivo su misura

If we had to choose a term that summarizes the peculiarities of the Parise Pharmacy in Lamezia Terme, it would be “hospitality”.

The same one that Dr. Isabella Parise and her staff have been addressing to their customers for years in order to consolidate a relationship based on trust and the continuous expansion of the services offered.

This feature could not fail to find its direct application in the construction of the new pharmacy layout, characterized by the introduction of a long semicircle wall that wraps the display area in a sort of "embrace" towards those who enter, up to accompany them in the area of the prescription counters. The semicircular wall is interrupted by display niches and a large passage towards the service area.

Along this path, each product sector is well identified thanks to the direct communication of each department. The exhibition organization appears rational and allows the customer to find his way around easily.

At the center of the room, in front of the dermocosmetics area, is the advice counter which, with its sinuous shape, is grafted directly to the single central pillar of the pharmacy, incorporating it entirely. The centrality of this area is emphasized by the difference in color of the pillar and by the presence of stabilized green, which introduces a distinctive symbolic element of nature and well-being.

The pharmacy furniture is characterized by multi-materiality (glass-metal-wood) and a balance of neutral colors, to testify that it is only the product that plays the key role in terms of visibility and attention. The light inside the rooms, thanks to the balance between the natural light of the large windows and the artificial light of the projectors, enhances the display effectiveness of the products.

Finally, the prescription area is characterized by 3 individual counters connected by display ladders that hide the automatic pay stations. In the screen protector panels, with a game of word art, the keywords that report the inspiring principles of the pharmacy are shown.

A simple and direct communication useful to underline the unique identity of the pharmacy.


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