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Prosper Pharmacy

Prosper Pharmacy

Art Director

Eleonora Pozzi

Project Leader

Danilo Duroni


Eleonora Sambugaro

Project Manager

Maura Maspero

Sales area

200 sqm


Trezzano sul Naviglio, MI


Realization of furnishings, extra furnishing works, graphic design

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Pharmacy Prosper, already well known in the city of Trezzano sul Naviglio, has entrusted us with their move to the new headquarters in via F. Brunelleschi.

The pharmacy was built inside an industrial building

which in the past was used as a warehouse. Clou's architects tackled the beautiful theme of recovering disused industrial facilities, by redesigning both the internal and external parts of the building.

The pharmacy is on two levels: the private part occupies the ground floor and mezzanine floor, while the sales area develops only on the street level and is characterized by a very high ceiling and a great brightness given by the presence of large windows.

The proposed appeal is the industrial one

This theme develops above all thanks to the shapes of the furnishings designed but also in the materials chosen: in addition to the transparent painted black steel, we have used a particular dark wood finish, similar to concrete, which perfectly matches the mood of the space.

The large windows are equipped with a specially designed system inspired by neoplastic aesthetics

Self-supporting elements protrudes thanks to the rhythmic arrangement of dark wooden shoulders that are fixed to a white base. These vertical partitions support glass backs detailed by the application of colored films. From the outside there is the perception of a play of colors and alternation of solids and voids marked, not only by the different colors, but also by the rhythm given by the succession of the wooden shoulders. The display takes place on glass and wood shelves and for this structure we have also engineered the display on blister hooks. The exhibitors are therefore highly impacting and versatile.

The industrial appeal is also accentuated by the free-standing furniture

and from the wall-mounted storage shelves: in continuity with the furnishings in the window, the structure is made of the same dark wood but externally covered with black steel. These elements are placed on the ground by means of metal feet fixed to a wooden base. In particular, the free-standing furniture is made with different openings that create different display and storage possibilities.

The wall display uses the slatted system and is framed by a door in melamine with a double finish embellished by LEDs at the perimeter. In the cosmetics area, this element not only frames, but also acquires structural properties and supports the board.

Prescription counters are also noteworthy

in full industrial style with a wooden structure with a concrete finish and enriched by a metal mesh insert that is backlit by LED strips made invisible and integrated into the counters.


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