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Optics-Orthopedics Pharmacy Cerchiari

Optics-Orthopedics Pharmacy Cerchiari

Art Director
Eleonora Pozzi
Project Leader
Danilo Duroni
Eleonora Sambugaro
Project Manager
Luca Rava
Sales area
Inverigo, CO
Furniture design and construction

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In Inverigo for a long-standing client for whom we had designed the pharmacy space years before, Clou Farmacie designs and furnishes a shop specialized in optics and orthopedics on the upper floor.

Great attention was paid by Clou architects and designers to create a space where attention to detail, combined with choices of particular and valuable materials, have created an elegant, professional, and extremely welcoming environment.

The vertical sides of the display shelves of the furniture in the eyewear and orthopedics area were made using a particular (MDF in color paste) whose characteristic involves the coupling in layers in two different colors.

This characteristic can be found on the edges of the shoulders, where the chromatic differences give the shelves an elegant and refined decorative motif.

The display shelves on which the glasses are displayed are made of extralight glass and are positioned thanks to micro-joints obtained on the shoulders themselves, thus avoiding the use of unsightly mechanical supports.

The drawer units at the base that contain the stocks of the glasses are produced using a melanic material with a white wood-like finish, whose surfaces, thanks to a particular material texture, give the chest of drawers an elegant and refined look.

The same are equipped with drawers, mounted on retractable and fully extractable sliding guides, inside which special trays accommodate the eyeglass frames, arranging them in an orderly manner.

The drawer opening system is push-pull, in this way the drawer fronts are without handles, giving back a clean and minimal design.

The counter, also made of melamine with a white wood-like finish, has a worktop in anthracite-colored porcelain stoneware. Extremely resistant material, even to abrasions and stains as the particular surface does not absorb dirt.

Clou also took care of designing and manufacturing the bespoke furnishings of the bathrooms and of the three cabins for ophthalmic, aesthetic and physiotherapy services.

The Orthopedics space has been designed by creating furnishings with a containing and display function which, using the same materials and finishes as the optical area, creates a harmonious continuity between these two spaces.


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