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Alviero Martini 1st Class

Alviero Martini 1st Class


Italy, Switzerland

Clou Fashion Stores took care of the design and manufacturing of furnishings for the new format

of the luxury brand Alviero Martini.

The garments are displayed in linear, tall and thin libraries, which are framed by dark gray portals that divide them from each other and enhance the uniqueness of the structure and the product on display. Each library is developed through a metal structure, embellished with a golden finish, on which the extra clear glass shelves with a golden frame below are fixed with built-in lighting. The structures in addition to enhancing the items on display, the real protagonists, are very versatile and adapt to the needs of the exhibition.

Worthy of note is the display of the scarves which takes place through removable trays inserted inside a portal. Inside the space transparent display cases allow you to expose the foulard in full. They create important visual focuses that embellish and personalize the design of the space.

The center rooms are of two different types: one with trays and one with drawers. More and more often a center room is recreated which is the union of the two types.

Wood paneling in cherry finish warm and embellish the walls

on which the brand logo is located. Of fundamental importance was the process of branding the format, carried out by the Clou Style Office, which is based on the theme of travel understood as knowledge and discovery.

Still on the theme of travel, the ceiling chandeliers are designed and manufactured by Clou

which are composed of luminous spheres that are decorated by hand, like globes, from the geographical texture of the continents. These spheres are connected to each other by a golden structure that recalls that of the libraries.


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