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In the historic center of Como, a stone's throw from the Cathedral,

in a corner position, Clou designs and realizes the restyling of Butti, a men's and women's clothing store.

The design involved both the interior of the shop and the shopping window.

The result is a classy environment which combines and mutually enhances contemporary and light exhibition structures with a historic envelope, characterized by a ceiling with exposed wooden beams.

The mens area, which extends to the entrance floor, and the womens area, on the first floor, are developed through geometric tubular steel structures that move smoothly and give great dynamics to the display of the hanging garments. Shelves in folded sheet metal, light but capacious, fixed to white wooden panels, allow the display of folded garments. Display bases of different sizes are embellished with a covering with different types of fabric.

Worthy of note is the mirror element which, thanks to being fixed to a self-supporting display structure in metal tubing, becomes furniture and container.

The checkout, with wooden structure and front covered in sheet metal, merges with a glass case, so as to also acquire an exhibition function. The same display case element is also re-proposed in the central display table.

Before the staircase, which allows access to the first floor, the curtain rods, also in tubular stell, allow the display of belts and scarves.

The costume display is also very special.

Located on the first floor, it follows the staircase and goes through an L-shaped shelf under which hanging bars are fixed.

The great dynamics and variety of the display elements

create a refined and detailed environment that blends perfectly with the frame of elegance in which it is placed.


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