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Clou Fashion Stores designs the restyling of the Cifra SPA showroom

in Verano Brianza, a world leader in the production of technical fabric that finds its most common application in the production of sportswear. It's a patent which thanks to the particular weaves of the Warp Knitting Seamless technique (seamless weft knitwear) allows you to create products that do not require 'use of seams.

The concept was designed to underline the technical and innovative nature of this material

placing at the center of the space the alternation of display bases of different finishes and heights, which expose torsets in sportswear.

On the perimeter, mannequins with technical clothing emerge from a metal mesh backdrop, alongside which an inclined geometric tubular element acting as a hanging bar. The continuous alternation of elements gives a strong dynamic to the display of the products. Also noteworthy are the cages in tubular metal with a wooden base intended for the display of full-length mannequins.

A storage space is created in a recess with hanging elements and white suspended bases. On the front a black monochrome graphic recalls the female world and under them mannequins are placed for the display of socks and sports t-shirts.

The element that most characterizes the environment is the frame present in the dressing room and in the division area with the showroom dedicated to technical socks. The element is made of metal tubing, on which opal panels covered with the technical fabric are placed, emphasizing their geometric patterns.

The result is an elegant and formal showroom in which the innovative and creative aspect of the exhibited product is highlighted.


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