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Harmont & Blaine

Harmont & Blaine


Italy, Central America, Qatar, Panama, Romania, Switzerland

The collaboration with the famous dachshund brand has been an important professional experience for Clou that has led us to different parts of the world, creating beautiful boutiques and corner shops.

Probably the most important project,

both in terms of visibility and challenge, was the creation of the Milan boutique, in the very central Corso Giacomo Matteotti

A boutique spread over four floors designed by architects Anna Maria Conti and Michele Cavezza

The challenge was to build this important boutique in record time

as often happens in this sector. The commitment to guarantee the very short times required by the company put a strain on Clou's technicians, but the beautiful final result has amply repaid these efforts.

Each piece of furnishing has been designed, engineered and produced specifically for this space.

All the wooden parts are finished with a water-based matt lacquer, which gives the environment a classic and contemporary flavor.

The boiserie along the walls are repeated, with shapes and finishes, also on the doors and cash desk. The insertion of decorative frames with a classic design gives the composition the required elegance.

Every detail is the result of an accurate design,

of which even the paintings on the walls are part of.

The predominantly white format is the right scenario for the collections exhibited by Harmont & Blaine, giving the products on display the rightful role as protagonists.

There are many projects following this,

with different formats, designed by architects Anna Maria Conti and Michele Cavezza, who have seen us try our hand at using the most varied materials and shapes and have led us to work in different parts of the world, representing for us an important moment of professional growth.

In the following photos are some images of the different concepts created for the famous dachshund brand.


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