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Designed by Clou's creative team and manufactured by our artisans, Mottadelli is a boutique in Verano and Seregno, specialized in the sale of high-level footwear and clothing.

The design of the spaces, like the materials chosen, reflect elegance and refinement

of the clothing items proposed by the Brand. The entire design narrative of the space developed through this logic, which maintained a chromatic preponderance completely white. In this context, the items on display become the real protagonists, and the elegant and indiscreet furnishings set the scene for the products.

The display takes place on hanging bars, supported by shelves fixed to the wall in a minimalistic fashion. The shelves are fitted with LEDs underneath, in order to high-light what is arranged below them.

At the center of the boutique, an elegant sofa, designed specifically for this space, was made with the ancient and precious capitonnè technique.

The soft and rounded shape invites you to sit down, and it becomes a focal point around which the whole space is organized.

Another detail to underline is the flooring,

which follows the theme of the furnishings. For example, it frames the central islands, complete with a glass display case, for accessories and storage drawers.


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