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Mr & Mrs Fur Italy

Mr & Mrs Fur Italy


Italy, Hong Kong

Clou returns to the heart of Asia, with the creation of a boutique for the Italian brand Mr & Mrs Italy

in the luxurious and exclusive IFC Mall in Hong Kong.

The boutique, designed by architect Giuliano Perduca of the Milanese studio GP ARCHITETTURA & ENGINEERING, is characterized by the value of the materials used, the essentiality of the display elements, and the skillful combination of historical pieces of international design.

Marble, with a Valentine Grey finish, is the common thread going through the space. The floor is made using large format slabs.

This beautiful material is found near the shop windows and the exhibition area, and also on the walls, obtaining an elegant effect of continuity between the two surfaces.

In the showcase area, monolithic blocks of this precious material become display bases; in the same way it is proposed in the sales area, creating bases whose monolithic presence is luminated by a beam of LED light below.

The flooring alternates with two large gray carpets which become the focal point of the space. In the central area, the display table and the chandelier, both historical and famous design elements, contributes to enriching the scenographic aspect.

For this important project Clou was involved in the engineering of the format, the manufacture of the furnishings, the logistics, and taking care of the installation on site.

The furnishings, completely custom made, are characterized by an alternation of metal frames, treated with a rough effect, and backdrops in micro-perforated sheet metal. Rear and integrated LED lights help to give the environment refinement and elegance.

The positioning of the accessories, shelves and hangers, is managed by using thin steel cables anchored to the ceiling, obtaining a suspension effect which, in an unusual way, gives an ethereal personality to elements that are otherwise by definition "heavy" .

An integrated lighting system emphasizes the items on display, high-lighting the true protagonists of the space.

The final result is that of a sophisticated, precious, and at the same time informal environment, all characteristics which perfectly suits the character of the Mr & Mrs Italy collections.

The following photos are pictures of the show rooms in Milan via Montenapoleone.

In this case, the project, the production of all the custom-made furnishings, and the manufacturing of the extra-furnishing works are Clou formats.


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