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Temporary store with an innovative way of presenting a product

like footwear. Located in a prominent location such as Corso Vittorio Emanuele in the heart of the fashion district in Milan.

The space stands out with an unconventional approach to product display, experimenting with daring combinations and styles.

The project, which includes a large space conceived as an art gallery,

intrigues and destabilizes the visitor. In fact, inside are iconic objects of Italian design, which with their unusual presence and personality characterize the whole environment, making the shopping experience a pleasant moment of exploration and discovery.

The way the shoes are displayed is also out of the box

The brightly colored sofa and beanbag are used as if they were display shelves and not only perform the traditional seat function. In addition, the shoes are also hung by laces from metallic library elements.

All this contributes to creating an attractive and unexpected environment,

a store that is difficult to ignore and that knows how to get noticed and appreciated without compromise within the course.


Evaluate with us the improvement margins of your Retail Project.

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